Best Cameras for Snorkeling

Summer is knocking on the door once again and people are excited to go snorkeling. Snorkeling is one of the most widely practiced activities during summer. One of the more common enjoyments of snorkeling is the photography of it. Underwater photos, surface level photos or even selfies. This will be our review of the best cameras for snorkeling in the current market.

Buying Guide for Snorkeling Cameras

Here are a few things you should consider before you buy a camera for snorkeling. It can get complicated if you dive in head first without any background research. Let us begin.

You will find cameras in the market that will be very low on the budget, but they are often problematic. They have potential build quality issues that you will not notice until you use them.

Often you will find cameras that are said to be waterproof. However that may not be the same in all cases, as the waterproof feature can differ from camera to camera. 

Only look for cameras with a proper waterproof feature. We suggest you to look for something with a 30 to 50 feet waterproof range. This way, you can go quite deep into the water when snorkeling and take photos with ease.

How Deep You will be Diving

The toughness you would want for your camera is strongly dependent on the depth of water. You need to keep in mind that if you will be diving beyond 200 feet of water, things can get bad. The deeper you go underwater, the pressure increases. Materials will eventually give away to pressure when it is high enough. So consider this before buying a camera.

Images or Video

Only photos or only videos, or both? You should focus on this question. Some cameras have better specialization in taking photos whiles others are at videos. Cameras that are better for taking photos with may not be as good at taking videos, and vice versa. So keep this in mind too.

Underwater Cameras

The name says it all; these are cameras that are specifically designed to survive under water. They are reliable nowadays, and unlike in the past, not just a trending keyword. Underwater cameras can be expensive or cheap depending on the brand and specifics. If you are not a hardcore snorkeler, this is probably what you should go for.

Snorkeling Action Cameras

You are probably familiar with the extremely successful piece of technology that is GoPro. These are compact, quality items from the GoPro brand. They let you carry around your camera in various ways. This can include a camera at the end of a stick, mounted on top of your snorkeling goggles and attached to your breathing pipe.

The purpose of these is to let you have maximum enjoyment without worrying about photography. You achieve convenience, as you no longer need to set specific angles for taking photos as these portable cameras make it much easier.

Additional Options

There are other cameras on the market that are associated with your snorkeling gear. We do not recommend these as they are easy to use, but definitely do not provide the best of photographs. They are quite portable and you can, for example, attach a camera to your goggles.

This way, you do not even have to deal with the hassle of carrying a camera underwater. However, as we already mentioned – they do not create the best photos. Furthermore, more often than not, they are very problematic and not of the best built.

The Best Cameras for Snorkeling in 2021





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Best Cameras for Snorkeling

SeaLife DC2000 HD Underwater Digital Camera

Extremely fast shutter response

Great electronic stabilization

180 Lumens Red Light


Best Cameras for Snorkeling

Panasonic DC-TS7A Lumix TS7

Waterproof up to 15 meters

Easy to use controls and menu

Perfect for underwater photographs


Best Cameras for Snorkeling

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition

Vivid lighting and adjustable lens

Quality photographs and videos

Video processing is well rendered


Olympus Tough TG-6

5 kinds of underwater shooting

4K videos, 120 FPS recordings

Waterproof for up to 50 feet


GoPro HERO9 Black

Waterproof and extremely durable

Extremely smooth recordings

20 Megapixel Camera with clarity


Fujifilm FinePix XP140

Vivid lighting, supreme shutter speed

Waterproof for up to 82 feet deep

Bluetooth capability


Kodak PixPro WPZ2

16 MP BSI CMOS Sensor

1080P Full HD Video

Micro SD Card 32 GB


1. SeaLife DC2000 HD Underwater Digital Camera

Best Cameras for Snorkeling

This is an absolute powerhouse of a camera, yet ships in a very compact size. The SeaLife DC2000 HD lets you record some of the best quality content while snorkeling. The Micro 3.0 Underwater Camera installed in this is full proof. The easy to use controls and menus make your life ever so easier when you want to take a photo of a cavern, sea life or just about anything underwater.

Among many features, some of the best are in the lens quality. The clarity you can find from taking photos under water is truly crystal clear.


  • 16 megapixel Sony IMX083 CMOS image sensor for sharp pictures
  • Features a Color Rendering Index to mimic natural day light variously
  • Leak-proof camera with no possibility of letting water or debris inside


  • Out of the budget range in most cases, often considered overpriced

2. Panasonic DC-TS7A Lumix TS7

Best Cameras for Snorkeling

Lightweight, waterproof and powerful, the Panasonic Lumix is a snorkeler’s best friend. If you are thinking about going out for snorkeling and want to take some photos too, including underwater – look no further. This has got you covered, and all that under the budget too. 

Some of the most classic camera technology is embedded into this without setting the price point too high. It lets you capture the perfect moments into an image and lets you record anything underwater. There are a few versions of the Lumix available in the market, but the TS7 or TS7A has got the most supreme features.


  • Extremely tough exterior, lets you take photos in rough situations underwater
  • Photo quality is outstanding with 4K quality videos and 21.1 megapixels
  • Waterproof even after diving as deep as 102 Feet into underwater


  • Camera is known to be quite complicated when put into practice

3. Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition

Best Cameras for Snorkeling

Another fantastic product for snorkelers and divers all around. The Insta360 lets you take photos underwater at the highest quality. A 360 degree camera with a wide angle lets you get the maximum out of the snorkeling experience. If you know any professional photographers, you would find that these match their recommendations.

Wildlife underwater can be quite difficult to photograph due to a lot of factors. Lighting, frame rates and lens flare to just name a few. The Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition does not need you to worry about any of this, as it has all of these covered.


  • Features a 4K Wide Angle view with lens swapping
  • Perfectly waterproof to up to 16 feet, standard for snorkeling
  • Dual lens lets you capture the most detailed photographs


  • Battery life is usually pretty poor, below standard

4. Olympus Stylus TG-6 Waterproof

Perfect for those who live outdoors and photography near the water. This is packed with features that let you take the most seemingly difficult shots. For snorkeling, it is also heavily waterproof. The camera can adjust with  the lighting under water to let you take the most unique shots with perfect color and clarity.

Aside being waterproof, this camera is also dustproof, shockproof and extremely durable. Built for rough situations, the Olympus Stylus TG-6 can withstand a lot of force.


  • Can go as deep as 50 feet into underwater without any issues
  • 4K resolution movies give an outstanding output in videos
  • High resolution lens and CMOS image sensor for quality


  • The software is not too good in its performance, very bugged

5. GoPro HERO9 Black

The first GoPro product on this list! The HERO9 Black brings you excellent clarity and stability. If you have never experienced GoPro, this is an excellent product to get started with. Snorkelers will find how great it is in its underwater performance. It brings longer life than previous GoPros, and the camera brings more clarity and quality.

If you have a friend who is considering photography while snorkeling, this is one of the best cameras in the market. The price is a bit high, but GoPro delivers more often than not.


  • Underwater + Waterproof build, durable in very extreme situations
  • Time lapse recording lets you take videos while on road staying smooth
  • Features live streaming, lets you share snorkeling experience live online


  • Internal audio in camera may be faulty; other audio issues can be present

6. Fujifilm FinePix XP140

A great quality camera for snorkelers, the Fujifilm FinePix XP140 is rugged. It is lightweight and very easy to carry, even underwater. Going to take photos the next time you go snorkeling? This camera is an excellent pick under the budget. Even if you drop it by accident underwater, it will not be an issue. It can withstand a lot of force before it gives up.

It can take great photos with its zoom feature too, as it counteracts to the processing over extra zooming. So you do not even need to go too deep into the water before taking a photo of the bottom of the pool.


  • Lightweight, portable – lets you carry it underwater without trouble
  • Adjusts to shaky hand movements that you may face underwater
  • Excellent zoom ability, processes to counteract against zoom issues


  • Battery life can be problematic, does not last as long as advertised

7. Kodak PixPro WPZ2

The Kodak PixPro WPZ2 is a snorkeler’s friend. This camera is an amazing budget product, just like the Fujifilm FinePix. However, this is even more budget-friendly than that.

If you are planning to go snorkeling and take some photos of turtles and corals, look no further than this. You can go up to 15 meters underwater and still face no issues. Moreover, this has an amazing CMOS sensor that lets you take some of the cleanest, finest quality photos underwater like none else. 

Consider getting this one if you are going to go snorkeling soon. It is extremely affordable, easy to use and has a simple look to it.


  • Shockproof, means you have no risk of getting shocked underwater
  • Great battery life, lithium ion battery can go up to 8 hours before charging
  • Very lightweight and budget friendly, easy to use and carry around


  • Wi-Fi connectivity is problematic, feature does not always function well

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I go for a GoPro or a standard camera?

Answer: This answer honestly depends on you. If you are more focused on taking photographs than snorkeling, you probably should go for a standard camera. Standard cameras are built for taking photos better. However, GoPros can probably let you maneuver underwater much more easily than a standard camera.

Question: How long can I take a waterproof camera underwater with me?

Answer: Depending on how good your camera is, you can probably take it for as long as you will go snorkeling. There is no limit on this as how long you stay underwater does not affect it. However, how deep you go underwater does affect it. If you go as deep as 40 feet into the water with a camera that has 15 feet waterproof measure, you risk damaging the camera. The water pressure is the variant factor here.

We hope this article has been able to help you pick a camera for your underwater adventures. Happy snorkeling!

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