Best SD Cards for Trail Cameras

After the batteries, an SD card is a trail camera's second life. Your whole hunting camera experience will be ruined if you don't have this storage option. A trail camera can be very useful, if you want to catch a few incredible wildlife shots or just require a decent surveillance camera. This is due to the useful devices' ability to take images without the presence of the photographer. They can also take high-quality pictures.  In this article, we will present you a buying guide as well as the best choices out there in the market to make it easier for you to grab the very best one. If you are interested in getting yourself some extra space, stay with us for a detailed review on some of the best SD Cards for trail cameras.

Buying Guide

Limitation of storage can be a hindrance in the way of getting amazing captures on your camera. An SD card can easily fix that problem. If you are into photography, you would not want to miss any precious moment to capture and preserve forever.

This guide will walk you through the process of selecting the best SD card for your trail camera, and also present you with some of the best SD Cards for Trail Cameras available in 2021.

Before jumping on to making the purchase, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. In this buying guide, you are more likely to find out everything you need to consider and bear in mind for getting the very best SD card for trail cameras. 

Capacity of Storage

Before everything else, you must consider the storage space of your SD card. These SD cards are available in a number of storage capacities, ranging from 128MB to more than 1TB. In general, the more room available, the better. However, you must ensure that your computer is capable of handling it. In addition, the greater the SD card's size, the more costly it is. So you need to consider that as well.

Size and Dimensions of the SD Card

After that, consider the size of your card. Although some people believe that all SD cards are the same, this is not necessarily true. Normal SD cards, microSD cards as well as miniSD cards are available in a number of sizes.  Before you make your final purchase, be sure to check out whether your computer is only compatible with a size. 

The Card's Speed

The speed of SD cards also can vary. You have the choice of having two, four, six, or ten. The more the number, the more advanced the speed category. A card with a higher speed class is able to save data significantly faster than those with a lower speed class. High-speed cards are often not required, but they could be useful if you wanted to capture high-quality video or take several photos in a row.

Now that you are all covered on the things you have to consider for buying SD cards, let’s dive into the options you have for the best SD card for trail cameras out there in the market this year.

Best SD Cards for Trail Camera in 2021




Price Range

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Best SD Cards for Trail Cameras

SanDisk Ultra 32G

Double speed

Good for compact-midrange points

Full HD video quality (1080P)

80mb/s transfer speed

Waterproof and shockproof

X-ray and magnet proof


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Best SD Cards for Trail Camera

SanDisk Ultra 16G

48mb/s transfer speed

Class 10 rated

Moderate capacity

HD video quality

5 pack kit


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SanDisk 8GB SDHC Card

Class 4 rate speed

HD video quality

Write safety switch

Adequate for low-end cameras


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Two pack SanDisk 32gb SD card

Class 10 rate

Infrared Night Vision


Writeable label

Microfiber cleaning cloth


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Ten Pack SanDisk SD Card Pack

8 GB storage capacity

Data security features

Works fine for surveillance cameras

Class 10 rate speed


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1. SanDisk Ultra 32G

Best SD Cards for Trail Cameras
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To this date, this is the quickest card that we have come across. The SanDisk Ultra 32G SD card allows you to easily capture as well as copy and transfer data. On top of that, its class 10 rated speed enables you to have HD quality videos, that’s 1080p to the very least. Apart from that, you will receive a number of additional protections such as water resistance, shock resistance, X-ray and magnet resistance along with being temperature proof. 

Undoubtedly, if your device supports SDHC 1, SDXC1, SDHC, SDXC, UHS1, UHS, you can purchase this with your eyes closed. Besides that, t his card can also be used with a camcorder or DSLR. Therefore, SanDisk Ultra 32G SD card is adequate for storing images and footage from the perspective of a hunter.


  • Its transfer speed is twice as fast
  • Water, shock, X-ray and magnet resistant
  • Temperature proof
  • Excellent quality video
  • Great and perfect footage


  • Its write security switch could use some work
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2. SanDisk Ultra 16G

Best SD Cards for Trail Camera
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The SanDisk Ultra 16G is second in our list as it has incredible transfer speed like the earlier product, but its storage capacity is less comparatively. If you check your trail camera once every week, everything should be perfect. We recommend purchasing these five combo packs because you will be monitoring the system every week or twice a month. Five 16 GB SD cards are included in the kit.

These cards will store all of your photos without sacrificing their quality. The developer has included the UHS 1 option for this SD card since it provides a class 10 speed to prevent any frame drop.

It indicates that the read and write ratios are equal. And the photographs would be as new as possible, whether they are taken at night or during the day. A hunter's trail camera needs excellent technical support since it is placed for proper observation. These 5 packs are perfect in this situation. 

Aside from such features, another important feature comes along in the package which is IR LED images. The technology essentially aids a trail camera in capturing a great night time picture. SDXC and SDHC cards are recommended for storing images in their original quality.


  • Weather proof
  • Shock proof and magnet proof
  • Good transfer speed
  • High quality videos
  • It works with devices that support SDHC, SDXC, and UHS1


  • Not strong enough cases
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3. SanDisk 8GB SDHC Card 

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In case our previous two SD cards did not meet your needs, we recommend that you to check out our third pick.   As a consequence, this SanDisk 8GB SDHC Card comes with a 16GB storage capacity and a write safety switch. This switch will prevent all of your data from being lost. That means you can be worry-free about your data even if you suddenly face any kind of unanticipated issue. 

In addition to that, the SD card has a special mark that can be used to find it if it is misplaced. Aside from this option, the system has an excellent security feature. It can withstand temperature, magnet attack, shock, water damage as well as x-ray as a cherry on top.

Furthermore, this SDHC card from SanDisk features the most efficient and long-lasting file transfer system.  It runs at nearly class 4 rate speed, and we experienced no frame drops after writing the results. All of the pictures and videos were crystal clear.  In a nutshell, this card is great for entry-level cameras.


  • 5 SD cards in one kit
  • Ensures data safety and backup so that data is not lost
  • No frame drops
  • Water, temperature, magnet and X-ray resistant
  • Good storage capacity
  • HD video quality
  • It can be used with an SDHC unit


  • Sometimes the storage case is missing.
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4. Two pack SanDisk 32gb SD card

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We now have enlisted another amazing Sandisk SD card as our fourth pick. The reason for selecting this product is because it has a unique function.  As a matter of fact, this storage solution is designed for devices that support IR LEDs. When a user inserts this SD card into their computer, for example, they can note a major difference in picture quality. 

It not only features a class 10 rate video writing speed, but also a 48 MB file transfer speed to sustain the strength. Sandisk ensures a secure file by preserving consistency with its write speed.  Aside this, the product also includes a unique label that can identify the product for securing the hunter's files.

This outstanding feature has also been lauded by a group of experts. They really liked its resistance to water, weather, magnet, as well as shock. In case you prefer hunting at night, the night time data is important. And that's why we choose to purchase these SanDisk SD cards in pairs.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages for you at a glance to highlight the unique features.


  • Amazing night vision
  • File upload speeds of up to 48 megabytes per second
  • Built for cameras with infrared (IR) capabilities
  • It is compatible with SDHC devices
  • Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • High definition video quality
  • Water, weather, shock and magnet proof


  • The microfiber cloth's consistency isn't up to par
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5. Ten Pack SanDisk SD Card Pack

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At this point if you were wondering why our list contains Sandisk SD cards mostly, it is because this brands offers you with the best SD cards for trail cameras within a very reasonable price range. Thus, items from this brand are at the top of our choices. The fifth product in our list, as you have probably guessed, is from Sandisk as well for its great value for the money. 

Just as the name suggests, there are ten items in this 8 GB kit. There are ten items in this 8 GB kit. Each of these chips can carry up to one thousand high definition videos and pictures, and all of the SD cards are class 10 rate speed models. These are ideal for a trail camera that connects to the internet.

These 8 GB packs are also suitable when these devices are used outside of your farm or home as well. As a matter of fact, these cards are highly recommended for home protection as well. 

Furthermore, Sandisk ensures great security of the files, so you know you can be free of all worries of losing your precious data. The card’s resistance to water, shock, weather, magnets, X-ray, temperature as well as unique labeling system prevents loss of any data. This definitely makes the item worth your investment. So, when you're using the cameras for home or farm surveillance, we recommend getting these ten packs for your unit. To sum it all up, here are the advantages and the disadvantages of this SD card for your better understanding.


  • It can be used with an SDHC unit
  • There is a write security
  • Labeling that is special for recognition
  • High quality pictures and videos
  • Great transfer speed
  • Appropriate for home or farm surveillance cameras as well


  • Sometimes storage cases are missing in some packages
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Final Words

A good SD card is needed for trail cameras to function properly. That way, the images and videos would be able to be saved to the device and therefore would not be lost.

Before using an SD card for your trail camera, double-check that it's properly formatted. Proper formatting ensures that the file structure is compatible with your camera. These are the finest options for you to choose the best SD Cards for Trail Cameras. We hope this detailed article could help you find the right fit for your camera.

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